Shannon Hansen is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator living and working in Melbourne, Australia. Shannon has illustrated for a diverse range of clients, creating commercial murals, logotypes, social posts and custom portraits. She is also an ambassador for Copic Marker Australia. 

Her client list includes Disney AUS/NZ, Marvel AUS/NZ, Uncle Jack Watches, The Jam Factory, Copic Marker AUS/NZ and more. 

Shannon has also exhibited her work in many exhibitions including the Emerging Artist Award 2015 and The What Gives Project in collaboration with Homie Apparel.

Recently Shannon launched her first Adult Colouring Book, a collection of 30 pieces she created during 2016. The book is printed on marker quality paper to ensure each customer is able to use proper art supplies to achieve the same look as her original illustrations. 

If you are interested in a custom mural, portrait commission or have a question do not hesitate to contact Shannon directly!